Research services

In the current ever-changing business and operating environment, research is unavoidable. When properly carried out, research helps to identify;

     1. Potential strategies to employ in a business or organization

     2. Effectiveness of a proposed project through feasibility study (baseline                survey)

     3. Project impact in a community (Evaluation/ End-line survey)

     4. Data analysis (Qualitative and quantitative).

     5. Field research activities (Data collection and its management in the                       field).

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What service do you expect to receive when you engage us to carry out an impact assessment? Click on the video clip to your left to get full details. 

The professionals from Kayanga Consults will give you a detailed evaluation of your project, policy, and or strategy clearly indicating the level of success and highlight what needs to be done to reclaim success where failure is registered in the course of the evaluation.

You are assured of continuous update of what is done throughout the evaluation (impact assessment) exercise. Contact us now!

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