Financial records management

Increasing business pressure tends to reduce the vigilance of business people and or entity managers to maintain up-to-date financial records. This presents even a bigger challenge to an organization manifested by the failure to know when a transaction happened, when to pay the taxes or whether a business makes a profit or not. Huge cash inflows are most times deceiving portraying a picture that a business is performing well when in actual sense, it could be incurring more expenses than the huge cash inflow. This gradually eats up a business and or an organization to the extent of failing to break even!

The challenges of records management can be avoided by engaging Kayanga Consults as your preferred business support partner. Engaging Kayanga Consults will open your organization to the following key services;

       1. Effective organization of financial records  

       2. Stock management

       3. Tax agency

       4. Development of financial reports

Effective organization of financial records

Being organized is key to realize outstanding business success. This is more evident when an entity has well-organized records. Effective management of business records is crucial to a business as is good health to the well-being of a person. Ensuring that business financial records are well managed is therefore something that is inescapable to a business person!

As you conduct your business, you receive payments, make purchases, acquire assets, settle those that demand you (liabilities) and pay for any expenses. The volume of transactions can be overwhelming for a growing business to handle. Contact Kayanga Consults to help you organize all these transactions and help you make a sense out of them. 

You may not be a growing business but an established one with a desire to cut down on your labor cost as you focus on more strategic issues. The professionals of Kayanga Consults come in handy at this point. Contact us Now!

Stock management

Stock losses, pilferage, obsolescence within business premises are among the common occurrences in businesses today. With support from Kayanga consults, this will be something of the past. Consultants at Kayanga Consults will support you with

·       Tracking monthly stock movements

·       Tracking monthly price changes,

·       Tracking revenue, costs, and profits from stock sales,

·       Provide advice of when to re-stock

.        Provide detailed stock analysis

Contact us now to start experiencing effective management of your stock!

Tax agency

Taxation can be a daunting task. With support from Kayanga Consults, it doesn’t have to be. You just need to relax and allow the experts to handle the technicalities. Contact us for the following services;

·       Tax filing services (PAYE, Income Tax and any other tax type)

·       Tax accounting

·       Tax Identification Number (TIN) registration for individuals and non-individuals

·       Representation to Uganda Revenue Authority on Tax matters

Financial reports

Specifically for Small and Medium-sized Entities, this has been a significant challenge. Outsourcing this service to Kayanga Consults is the best decision to make to tap into their profound accounting expertise. Kayanga Consults will provide you support in the preparation of;

·       Financial statements (income statement, balance sheet & cash flow statement)

·       Notes to financial statements

·       Management accounts

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