Vision statement

To become the one-stop center for research, business, and management support to new and established entities in the world.

Provision of accounting, taxation, management support as well as research services.
Mission statement

To ensure the sustainability of entities through the provision of custom-tailored, professional, and innovative research, business, and management consultancy services by a dedicated team of professionals.

Through the specialized team at Kayanga Consults, you are assured of the best professional service.

1. To offer innovative research solutions  within a specified time frame

2. To provide cutting edge management  consultancy and support services

3.  To uniquely support businesses operations effectively and efficiently

Dedicated support and innovation is key in our operations.
What we offer

By contracting Kayanga Consults, you are assured of excellent services in research assignments, impact assessments for projects, baseline surveys, stock management services, maintenance of financial records of your business, management support as well as on job training for any of the aforementioned services. 

Contact us now to benefit from the wide range of key services offered!

What we guarantee

     - Custom-tailored service with a personal touch

     -Confidentiality in all transactions

     -Professionalism in all services offered

     -Your views and ideas will always be considered in our service provision

     -Timely services offered with high integrity levels

What we guarantee is what you get
Our core values

We are committed to offering you effective and efficient services as we become reliable and dependable in the operations of your entity. The open-mindedness of the Kayanga Consults professionals will further help you receive creative and innovative services as your business evolves amidst changing tides of the business environment. The level of honesty upheld at Kayanga Consults will enable you to receive value for money for the time you will remain engaged with us!

Operations of Kayanga Consults are guided by values of commitment, effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, dependability, open-mindedness, creativity and innovation. 

Entities we support

     - Small and Medium Entities (SMEs)

     - Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

     - Government departments


We have wealth of experience in providing service to SMEs, NGOs and Government entities
Kayanga Consults (U) Ltd

• Financial records management
• Stock management
• Research for entity effectiveness and  efficiency
• Recruitment
• Training