Management support

1.    Performance management: Are your customers complaining? Are your employees losing morale at work? Are your funders losing interest in your operations? It is time to check your entity's performance. Kayanga Consults shall perform an effective entity diagnosis leading to the provision of tailored organizational solutions to performance challenges that your entity may be facing. It is time for your entity to shine from a performance point of view.

2.    Strategy development: Formulating a roadmap for your entire organization or a department may seem tedious. This shall not continue with Kayanga Consults as your preferred business partner. With expertise in research and business analysis, you are assured of receiving a pragmatic and tailored strategy for the operations of your entity.

 3.    Training services: Skills development is an ongoing process. Contracting Kayanga Consults assures you of “out of the box” training services. Both on-job and off-job training services are provided geared towards adding long-term value to the operations of an entity as a whole. Tap into the expertise of Kayanga Consults in this field by giving them a call today!

 4.    Human resource management: Though training may seem sufficient, there is a need for the entire human resource function of your organization to be effective. Contact Kayanga Consults today to receive impeccable human resource management services in the areas of recruitment, organizational development (OD), talent management, employee outsourcing, and payroll management. Your preference shall be adhered to without compromising the standard service quality.

 5.    Policy development, interpretation, and implementation: Every organization needs to have a policy to guide the execution of transactions and activities in the organization. Kayanga Consults is proud to have research experts and policy analysts on board to support your organization in the policy development phase, interpretation of the policy developed as well as providing guidance on how best to implement a policy document to enhance overall organizational effectiveness. Contact them today to receive this outstanding service.

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